Taken from the back of the Church, a full view of the Sanctuary and the pews of the Church

Liturgical Ministries

Lectors are lay parishioners, men and women who minister to the life of Holy Redeemer parish, by their preparation to proclaim the word of God during liturgical celebrations namely on Sunday and during the week. The role of the lector is integral to the celebration of Sunday Eucharist. By their articulation and intonation, the Lector proclaims the Word of God, thus giving voice and life to the written word. The lector may recite the psalm between the readings in the absence of the psalmist and also announce the intentions for the Prayers of the faithful after the introduction by the priest. It is a way to strengthen their own understanding of the word given to us by God and articulate it as they share it with the celebrating faith community. If there is no hymn at the Entrance or during Communion, the antiphons provided the Missal are read at an appropriate time. There are two Lectors proclaiming the Word at each Sunday Mass (except during the COVID 19 times where we have only one lector o proclaiming both the readings  and the prayers of the faithful). Before one becomes a lector, a full training session is given. If you feel called to serve God and your parish community in this way, please call Angela Kirby at 905-839-5264 to discuss this Ministry further.

A Volunteer Screening process is required for all volunteer Ministers in the parish and paid for by the Archdiocese. Full details will be given should you wish to volunteer.

Eucharistic Ministers are members of the parish who haven been fully initiated into the sacramental life of the Church and prepared spiritually to receive and to distribute holy communion to the community of Holy Redeemer Parish during the Sunday masses and during the weekday masses. Holy Redeemer’s Eucharistic Ministers may also be asked to bring communion to parishioners who are sick or homebound, and they become representative of the community visiting those who are in need, bringing the encouragement and care of being in a faith community and connected in a deeply human way with each visit. Full training is given to those who feel called to witness and share the gift of the Eucharist with others.

If you feel called to this ministry, sharing the gift of the Eucharist with others in the parish, please call Angela Kirby at 905-839-5264 to discuss this ministry further

A Volunteer Screening process is required for all volunteer Ministers in the parish and paid for by the Archdiocese. Full details will be given should you wish to volunteer.

The Ministry of Hospitality is the face and helping hand of the parish. Although our smiles are covered up right now, visitors and parishioners can still hear it in our warm greeting and see in our eyes. The ministry consists of greeters and ushers (and currently during the Pandemic, our registration and booking in volunteers). As ministers of hospitality, we identify with Martha, because we welcome and help others to come in and “sit” at the feet of Jesus, so that like Mary they may sit at the feet of Jesus to listen to his word

Coordinator – Simone Petty

Children's Liturgy: Every Sunday at the 9.00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Masses after the Opening Prayer, children are sent to a room specially prepared for them, and the word of God is proclaimed to them in a language they can understand. They return to the Congregation for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Coordinator: Monica Lysay

Music Ministry: Music is an essential element of our worship, and certainly raises the level of our praise and prayer. It is a great gift from God which helps us to share the word of God through song. One does not need to be a professional singer to join the ministry. One becomes a good singer by joining the choir.  If you play an instrument used in our liturgies join us. This ministry invites all to join and be in the heart of David who cried out in Psalms 95:1 Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing to the Lord, all the earth.

The following words are attributed to St. Augustine, ‘he who sings prays twice’



Melroy Menezes & Maricar Bautista - for Saturday 5.00 pm.Mass

Madhu Pinto - for Sunday 9.00 am Mass

Tatjana Smrekar - for Sunday 11.00 am Mass

Martha Joy & J.C. Coolen - for Sunday 5.00 pm. Mass

Sacristian: The Preparations of the Sanctuary and the Organization of the Sacristy and setting of the sanctuary are taken care of by Dorothea Ritchie.

Image taken of the Altar Table and Tabernacle in the Sanctuary during the Lenten Season
Altar Servers
Girls and boys (Grade Three and above), who have celebrated their First Communion are encouraged to serve at the altar. Adults are also encouraged to volunteer for this ministry to assist during the weekday masses, for funerals and weddings (except during these COVID 19 days) Coordinator: Hugh Fulton

The Altar Linens are taken care of by Mary David & Virginia Beasley.