Easter Banners and Easter flowers decorate the Altar in the Sanctuary

Welcome to our Parish!

On behalf of Holy Redeemer parish community, I greet you in the name of the Risen Lord And welcome you all to our parish website. What a blessing that through this media, we can reach out and communicate the message of the good news, the gift of proclamation and evangelization. We heed the call of Jesus who said “Go out to all the world and proclaim the Good News (Mk 16:16). But, different from the early centuries, the work is done not just by word of mouth, but with the aid of communications media so much available in this day and age.

As a Christian community, we are committed to proclaiming the gospel both within and outside of our community. We are committed to hearing the story of God and his people in a way that it becomes our story, and through the sacraments, encounter God's presence in our lives. We celebrate the Eucharist as the highest expression of that encounter, where God meets His people and the people meet their God. At the Eucharistic table, we find our center our strength and the hinge around which our Christian life revolves.

We are committed to making that encounter joyful, inspiring and dignified. We try to live what we celebrate by building a welcoming community that focuses on the needs of each one of us, and is ready to respond to the needs of our neighbors who are oppressed by poverty and those who are on the fringes of society. We reach out, invite all to share in this journey together.

Just Like Jesus washed the feet of the disciples who were of different ages, with different sizes of feet, picking up different kinds of dust, yet with all the different kinds of energies, We too are of many ages, of many backgrounds and from many places.

But our faith in the Lord Jesus, binds us together as a community, and as it were, ‘belonging to each other’.

to belong to each other means to get actively involved in the life of the parish through her many program. This is not for someone else, but for all of us who are living stones in this parish. Please visit our website, acquaint yourself with the various ministries and programs available here which are open to everyone. We extend an invitation and encourage everyone to own up to their baptismal promises and participate in the life and activities of our church.

Worship with us; share the living Word of the scriptures with us; join us for community building and celebration. May we together grow in the risen Lord.



God bless,

Fr. Colman Ngulla Mruma - Pastor